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It only takes 4 Simple Steps to create your best homeschool year. Create a real, doable and tailor-made, family-friendly curriculum.

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    "If I ever felt a homeschool struggle, it wasn’t for long. I knew Paola would have the answer and often she called me before I even called her! She knew. She anticipated. Her advice was personal. She knew the questions to ask me and she knew where to direct me. Her wide breadth of knowledge regarding materials and resources…even experiences and feelings of a homeschool mom…gave her the ability to always have a good suggestion, or a plan B. She gave assurances that it would all work out. It has. For 12 years now, and every stage of homeschooling, K-12 and across all curriculum, I continue to rely on her and our regular talks. I couldn’t imagine not doing so. Paola is a touchstone. She’s calming and caring and if there was a Doctorate of homeschooling, she’d deserve it!"

    Allison G.

    Homeschool mom

    What is it all about?

    You know your kids better than anyone else and you have their best interests at heart.

    When you use the PRRR method you pray, read, research, and reflect. Four simple, yet powerful, steps that lay out a foundation for a successful year!


    Clear step by step directions to use the easy 4 step process, that transforms your homeschool plan into a joy-filled and tailor made curriculum for your precious family.

    Complete with printables, planning grids, Key Reflection questions, prayer bookmark and more!